Who are we ?

« " It Takes A Village to Raise a Child ". This very beautiful African proverb can on one side make us understand how RealGlobe was born, and on the other what RealGlobe would like to propose. The « RealGlobe Child » is the result of a large collective learning initiative which involved Regions , Cities, actors of international solidarity , academies and schools. A « village » almost global, gathered around a common goal : understand how the « real child », future generations will grow up and become gwold citizens with the support of their school systems and their territories, in a 360° work, integrating sustainable development and solidarity. » Andrea Micconi, director of COP - Consorzio Ong Piemontes

RealGlobe was established as part of the European project, REDDSO (Regions for Education on Sustainable Development and Solidarity) which itself followed on from the Des Alpes au Sahel project. Run from 2013 to 2015, REDDSO involved four different European regions - Rhône-Alpes in France, Piedmont in Italy, Catalonia in Spain and Malopolska in Poland - which worked together to plan and trial global education projects, alongside partners from countries in Africa and Latin America.

REDDSO was supported and implemented:

  • In Rhône-Alpes, by Rhône-Alpes Regional Council and the RESACOOP public interest group, in association with the Grenoble and Lyon local education authorities and Isère local council.
  • In Piedmont, by the Piedmont Region's international department, and by the Consortium of Piedmont NGOs (COP).
  • In Catalonia, by the Generalitat de Catalogne Education department and by Lafede.cat - a group of organisations fighting for global justice.
  • In Malopolska, by Voïvodie de Malopolska.

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Through RealGlobe, the work initiated by REDDSO will continue over time and open up to new regions within the EU and worldwide.

The RealGlode website is funded by the European Union.