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Get inspired by reading about other projects

In this section you will find files presenting examples of global education projects.

Where do these files come from?

As part of the REDDSO project various schools launched a range of initiatives in association with local authorities and organisations. These initiatives were given funding and/or methodological support based on the selection criteria specific to each region. The examples shared in this section are taken from these initiatives.

How have these examples been selected?

A working group composed of partners of the REDDSO project drew up a list of common criteria to select the examples published in this section (lien vers la grille). The files available to read here therefore correspond to these elements. A whole host of other initiatives were implemented and developed in the various regions involved in the overall project(cf. rubriques liens).


Level of education



Project Summary
Water here – Water there

This project aims to increase the knowledge of students on the issues of the right to water and energy saving

I eat, therefore … I dream of a better world

All project activities were developed around the theme of "food", placing it in relation to the territory, ecosystems, health, culture, traditions, production sectors and forms of trade, sustainability, highlighting the local and global interconnections.

Energy for A Territory

The project was developed around the theme of energy, an issue with little attention in global citizenship education projects

The seed, plant, fruit: journey among the world's roots

The project stems from the intention to compare sustainable production realities in physically distant places, with a view to intercultural exchange and integration of knowledge, to educate to preserve biodiversity by promoting lifestyles that respect territories, the environment and traditional knowledge.