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Get inspired by reading about other projects

In this section you will find files presenting examples of global education projects.

Where do these files come from?

As part of the REDDSO project various schools launched a range of initiatives in association with local authorities and organisations. These initiatives were given funding and/or methodological support based on the selection criteria specific to each region. The examples shared in this section are taken from these initiatives.

How have these examples been selected?

A working group composed of partners of the REDDSO project drew up a list of common criteria to select the examples published in this section (lien vers la grille). The files available to read here therefore correspond to these elements. A whole host of other initiatives were implemented and developed in the various regions involved in the overall project(cf. rubriques liens).


Level of education



Project Summary
#desfemlesdesigualtats (let's undo inequality): creative learning for global citizenship
"The #desfemlesdesigualtats campaign promotes the understanding of inequalities from the point of view of human rights and the relationship between the global north and south; it encourages participation, investigation, reflection and the exchange of experiences among young people from 10-17 years of age from different social backgrounds."
Stick a pin in Pam a Pam, build your map of responsible consumption
"This project wants to make the project of a Social Economy with Solidarity known, while offering families, students and teachers options in responsible food, textile and banking entities in their neighborhood."
Being a caring citizen, both around the corner and around the world!
"This is a project about democracy which transforms both the people involved and how the school 'community' operates."
Boet Against Hunger
"This project raises awareness in the educational community about food-related injustices, and invites them to participate in a campaign that aims to put pressure on governments to reform the policies that lead to these injustices."
We Are Migrants
"This project aims to raise awareness in young people about the situation of migrants."
Service Learning as a Tool for Bringing an End to Gender Violence
"Through this project, students acquire the tools needed to detect sexist violence and some of the causes and behaviors associated with it. They also learn that gender violence isn’t an isolated occurrence; rather, it’s directly connected with different aspects of everyday life." 
Different perspectives on gastronomy and the culinary arts
"This experience broadened pupils' and supervisors' cultural and professional outlook, offered an intercultural exchange and raised awareness about the existence of other political, economic, social and cultural realities."
Afro-Colombian tales: from ancestral traditions to modern-day customs
"Pupils invented and wrote bilingual tales in French/Spanish using myths and legends from the South".
Foods of the world, a window to the world
"Two classes were given the opportunity to work with the association Artisans du Monde, focussing on two areas: raising awareness about North-South interdependency and showing how it is possible to take action through the choices we make as consumers." 
LET'S PLAY ECO: today's consumption, tomorrow's world
"The project deals with the issue of critical and conscious consumption, both in terms of clothing and food."