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Get inspired by reading about other projects

In this section you will find files presenting examples of global education projects.

Where do these files come from?

As part of the REDDSO project various schools launched a range of initiatives in association with local authorities and organisations. These initiatives were given funding and/or methodological support based on the selection criteria specific to each region. The examples shared in this section are taken from these initiatives.

How have these examples been selected?

A working group composed of partners of the REDDSO project drew up a list of common criteria to select the examples published in this section (lien vers la grille). The files available to read here therefore correspond to these elements. A whole host of other initiatives were implemented and developed in the various regions involved in the overall project(cf. rubriques liens).


Level of education



Project Summary
You are only appreciative of water when the well runs dry
"Thanks to the project, the school has triggered collaborative relations/exchange/confrontation and cooperation among schools and other subjects in Italy, France and Senegal"
Our footprints on Earth, footprints on our Earth
"The project is assembled in the form of a mosaic: each school/class has studied specific and various theme areas"
Etchì (“water” in ewe language in Togo): a valuable asset not just for me
"The project has studied and compared the relations between human systems (social, cultural, economic and politics) and environmental systems of the modern world, in different geographical areas, starting with the chosen theme: water."
Building a bridge together for the Ithitwe School in Kenya
"Surrounding the initial target – fundraising – the project has managed to create a number of activities related to knowledge, in-depth study, communication, North-South exchange, awareness and direct commitment in realising active citizenship"
At world school: educational paths to learn about local and understand global
"Starting from local biodiversity, the project encouraged the students to acquire good practices in household culture, the use of natural resources and international solidarity, in the interests of global responsibility." 
Water treasure - healthy pleasure
"The concept of introducing a subject related to water arose in order to demonstrate students the need for rational and sustainable management of water resources"
Fair, active, aware – establishing foundations for the campaign entitled "Friendly Schools for Fair Trade" in Poland
"The idea of the campaign was to help young people understand the mechanisms governing global trade and the methods by means of which global trade may become more fair."
In global network. Development challenges for Central Asia
"The objective of this project was to increase the knowledge and awareness concerning global problems occurring in Central Asia among approximately 60 junior high school students and 60 high school students in the Małopolska Province."
Buy clothes and electronic equipment responsibly ?
"The main objective of the Project was to form global citizenship towards the improvement of employee situation and increase of environmental standards in global electronic and clothes industry."
Schools in Małopolska for Global South
"The main objective of the Project was to make teachers and students aware of the existence of global phenomena and interdependencies, as well as to prepare them to face challenges for the entire humanity."